Visions from nature

NTNU University Museum at the Climate Impacts Research Centre Symposium 2017

By Sam Perrin

This week I was lucky enough to spend 2 days in Abisko, Northern (VERY northern) Sweden, for the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) Annual Symposium.

The CIRC is an interdisciplinary research centre focused on aquatic and terrestrial Arctic ecosystems. They bring awareness of how climate change is impacting Arctic environments to the scientific community, the public and policy makers.

The majority of researchers are from the Center’s affiliated institute, Umeå University (Photo Credit: Pierre Oesterle Photography)

The majority of the Symposium took place over one day, and talks ranged from permafrost thawing to the use of ancient DNA to changing processes in Arctic rivers. One topic, however, couldn’t seem to lay low for long, and that was carbon emissions.

With freshwater systems and permafrost areas such huge stores of carbon, it’s little wonder that researchers at the CIRC are concerned. Warming temperatures mean permafrost thaws, earlier snow melts, and havoc in some river systems, all of which compound the already worrying effects of anthropogenic climate change.

View in the Abisko National Park (Photo Credit: Sam Perrin, NTNU University Museum, CC BY-SA 4.0.)

There were many inspiring speakers at the event, from both well-seasoned climate scientists and upstart PhD candidates. We look forward to seeing more research from them in the coming years, and can only hope for some good news in the face of climate change.

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