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Environmental DNA from lakes around Trondheim

Several lakes in the Trondheim city forest will soon be treated with rotenone to remove the common roach (Rutilus rutilus), an invasive alien species in our area. Together with freshwater ecologists at the NTNU University Museum, we are interested to see how the macroinvertebrates react to the treatment and if we can use eDNA to monitor changes and shifts in the species compositions.

Yesteday, we sampled three of the lakes that will undergo treatment as well as three reference lakes. We have three sampling stations at each lake and filter 2 x 1 liter of water from each station. This video shows how samples are taken.

Weather was great and fieldwork successful.

lauglovatnet Gaute Kjærstad sampling water at the lake Lauglovatnet. Photo Torbjørn Ekrem CC-BY.

theisendammenTwo water samples from the lake Theisendammen. Photo Torbjørn Ekrem CC-BY.

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About Torbjørn Ekrem

Professor i entomologisk systematikk ved NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet. Jobber med taksonomi og fylogeni på insekter, spesielt fjærmygg. Underviser i biosystematikk ved NTNU og er koordiantor for det norske nettverket for DNA-strekkoding, NorBOL (

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