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One of the goals of the EBAI project is to distribute knowledge on DNA metabarcoding. We started with a small workshop with two students: Zhenhua Sun from Chalmers University, Sweden and Xiaolong Lin from NTNU University Museum. Our goal was to go through the steps of sample processing using own datasets.

To have a proper feeling on the methodology, we went to sample some water for eDNA analyses in Theissendammen. A suitable outfit for this kind of near-city sampling is a smart casual. (Photos Xiaolong Lin)

We expect to find mallard DNA in our samples. Also beaver is quite potential finding as Markus steps over a beaver dinner to go for the sample. (Photos Xiaolong Lin and Erik Boström)

We visited the molecular lab and Markus showed how to extract DNA and amplify your target gene in PCR as well as explained the paired-end sequencing. (Photos Xiaolong Lin)

Using our own laptops, we analyzed our data. (Photo Xiaolong Lin)