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ForBio, the Research School in Biosystematics, receives funding for five more years of research training

By Maria Capa

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ForBio is a research and teaching initiative coordinated by the Natural History Museum (University of Oslo), Bergen University Museum (University of Bergen), Tromsø University Museum (University of Tromsø) and NTNU University Museum (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim). ForBio started in 2010 after receiving funding for five years from the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative (Artsdatabanken). During this period, ForBio has organized more than 55 courses for over 700 participants on topics ranging from basic to expert courses on taxonomic tools on specific organism groups, theoretical concepts and analytical methods. Recently, ForBio has received funding for another five years (2015-2020) for continue educating a new generation of biodiversity specialists and meet society’s demand for this expertise and strengthen the research in biosystematics in the Nordic countries.

ForBio offers a wide range of both practical and theoretical courses in biosystematics, and provide a platform for facilitating teaching and research collaboration between Nordic research institutes by offering travel grants to students and postdocs. ForBio also organizes annual meetings gathering a great number of members and associates.

ForBio covers the registration fee to members and associates to their courses and annual meetings and also accommodation and/or travel expenses for members (depending on nationality). For more information on courses, workshops, travel grants or membership, please visit ForBio website.

See also: https://www.forskningsradet.no/prosjektbanken/#!/project/248799/no and http://www.artsdatabanken.no/Article/Article/134385

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