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People and Nature in Mountains:Post conference excursion to Budalen

By Gunnar Austrheim
Storbekkoya Photo: Esgo Kuipers
Storbekkoya Photo: Esgo Kuipers

The post conference excursion 24th and 25th September went to Budalen and Storbekkøya summer-farm museum. 25 participants had a memorable and enjoyable event, with visits to a working farm and summer farm, cultural heritage sites and a walk up the valley side. Excursion participants ate traditionally prepared food and stayed in lavos and wood cabins and enjoyed local music. Many thanks to Berit Broen and Heidi Ydse from SNO, Heidi Tovmo and coworkers, Inge Johnsen and coworkers, Ingrid Storlimo & Jenny Gustavsson (Fox Family).

Photos from the excursion are viewable in this photo gallery. A news report could be read as a PDF.