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Our research project “Nudibranchs in Norwegian waters” was started in 1997. Since the early start we have been collecting nudibranchs from along the Norwegian coast. Deep waters in the Norwegian Sea and Svalbard and the island of Jan Mayen is also included.

The aim of the project is to do research on nudibranchs in a wide perspective. Diversity, distribution and abundance of species were the focus in the first part of the project. Later we have been more interested in systematics and taxonomy, although we still work on the broad perspective.

There are several taxonomic challenges in Norwegian waters. We also find new information, including hidden diversity, old species in need of resurrection and redescription, and maybe some new species. We apply DNA barcoding to search for more information on these topics, and we are in the beginning of multigene studies of selected groups of species.

The web pages are in Norwegian as we have an intention to distribute news and facts about nudibranchs to the general public, but also to students and colleagues. Divers have demonstrated a great interest in sea slugs and have provided valuable data and observations to our project. We would therefore like to contribute with what we can in return. This is the main reason why we keep the pages in Norwegian.